Spanish, Some Facts About The Language

Spanish is the mother language of Spain spoken in more than 21 countries. It is the official language of many countries including Spain, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica, Cuba, Bolivia, Panama and many other countries. Some countries have made Spanish as their de facto official language. It implies that it is the language of these countries as well as spoken in majority by the people living there. Official language that is used completely in verbal and non-verbal communication and the language that is taught in schools and is even spoken there. Yet even including all these features it is still not considered as an official language of that state by the government. Such countries include Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic Uruguay and Nicaragua.
It was even a former official language of Philippines which was removed from this official status in 1973. Previously it was language that was taught in schools and used in official communication but later when it was discarded it was only to be dealt in the schools and other institutions on the basis of promoting it voluntarily. Even not being the official language of some places it still has been taught in many educational institutions for years. That is the reason everyone wants to learn it and can have a better way of communicating with the majority of the people living in the above mentioned countries and the west.
Learning a foreign language can always be challenging and if you belong to a very diverse language from the one you want to learn it can even prove to be difficult. But if you take interest in learning Spanish can be fun and creative along. Ways to learn Spanish are numerous, and few tips have to be followed while learning this language. Spending on learning Spanish can be the best investment that you have ever done and can even turn out to be the most returnable. Ways to learn Spanish includes taking Spanish classes and as a course in your schools, colleges and any educational institutions you are. These classes are held by different countries on a volunteering basis and even sometimes a fee is charged, the classes are led by the Spanish speaking teachers along with the translators. The classes can be in the form of crash courses of few months or for learning proper language you can start from the scratch as we do when we learn English we start from ABC and so on. Such classes will teach you about extensive vocabulary of Spanish and how you communicate and pronounce its words properly which mouth and body parts are used to communicate verbally in Spanish. The courses can even include written practice and learning of Spanish. Another way to learn Spanish include watching Spanish movies which cannot turn out to be a major learning factor but can be used as a way of interpreting with Spanish speaking people, through watching Spanish movies you are able to understand their way of speaking and conversing.


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