Spanish for Beginners

Spanish For Beginners – Review These 5 Products!

Spanish for Beginners

Are you looking to expand your language skills by learning Spanish? There are many different programs to choose from to help you learn how to speak Spanish. So, it can be kind of hard to pick which one will suit best for you.

When you are looking for the best program to use to teach you how to speak Spanish as a beginner, you should try to find one that uses various techniques to teach you, such as: games, movies, tests, audio, pictures, and more. You will be more likely to understand the Spanish language as a whole, instead of just one aspect of it.

Also, you should try to find a program that can also teach you about some of the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries. This way, you can get a better feel for the people, dialects, cuisine, and music, among others of the different regions within the Spanish-speaking world to prepare you for traveling or working there.

Spanish For Beginners

Here are five of the top programs to review for Spanish lessons for beginners:

1. The first is Tell Me More Spanish. This product is designed to grow with you as you become more fluent in Spanish. Unlike many other products, Tell Me More Spanish has various levels in which you can practice, ranging from beginner to advanced Spanish.

Levels 1 and 2 are for beginners; there are also additional levels in which you can purchase to enhance your Spanish speaking abilities even further.

Once you buy this product, you can use images, audio speech recording, online testing, and more to learn how to become a better Spanish speaker.

2. The second product is "Fluenz Spanish", which is relatively new to the Spanish lesson software market. This program focuses on one-on-one lessons between the student and a virtual teacher, making the experience more personal than other programs.

Spanish for Beginners

With the speech recognition involved with "Fluenz Spanish", you can join in full conversations with virtual people. This is a great benefit, because you will learn to recognize words and how to respond faster than just speaking with yourself.

3. Rocket Spanish is designed to teach the language trough interactive audio lessons, special software games to build up vocabulary, and virtual teacher.

Rocket Spanish has an online option with access to all the modules, a forum and support 24/7 days. They also offer the premium version and a Free 6 days mini course.

4. Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1 is focused on teaching you Spanish in the same way that you learned English. It does this by image and word association. During the lesson, there are no English phrases or words, just Spanish.

5. With Instant Immersion Spanish, the fifth of this list for Spanish for beginners, you can navigate seamlessly through many different audio and visual demonstrations. These demonstrations cover a broad array of topics, teaching the fundamentals of the Spanish language.

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