5 Easy Ways To Learn Spanish Quickly

So… You want to learn Spanish?  Well, there’s the easy way and the hard way… Don’t worry!  Today you’ll learn five easy ways to speak Spanish in no time at all!  Spanish is not only a popular language but is quickly becoming the dominant language of people all over the world!  Now it’s your turn…  By simply getting out of your house, listening to music, surfing the web, reading, and watching TV, you can quickly speak Spanish as if you were born in a Latin country!  This brief article aims to reveal five easy ways to learn Spanish quickly and help you convince native Spanish speakers that you’re the “real deal”!

Getting Out Of The House

Getting out of your house can be one of the easiest methods to learn Spanish quickly.  Every city, whether large or small, typically has opportunities to practice speaking Spanish with other people, particularly native Spanish speakers.  With sites such as Meetup.com, you can easily immerse yourself in dialogue with native Spanish speakers and even learn various dialects or “slang”.  Seeing as many of these meetings are held in restaurants or bars, you’ll quickly meet individuals you wouldn’t normally encounter, all while “polishing” your Spanish speaking abilities.  Don’t want to leave your house?  Just listen to music!

Listening to Spanish Music

Heard of Shakira, Ricky Martin, or Selena?  They are all some of Latin America’s most popular and talented singers, and by simply listening to their music, along with so many other talented Latin American artists, you can become fluent in no time!  You don’t have to limit yourself to boring text books and classes anymore…  Just choose your favorite Latin artist, charge your Ipod, and you’re good to go!  Studies show that listening to music, preferably music related to a subject of interest, more than doubles the brain’s ability to retain new and useful information.  So give it a try! Listen, if music isn’t your thing, you can always resort to the internet.

Surfing the Web

These days you can find just about anything on the internet!  From articles, to videos, to pod-casts, the web is full of materials that can help you learn Spanish quickly and effectively.  With the advent of online sites, such as MyLanguageExchange.com, Notes In Spanish, and BBC Languages, you can practice speaking Spanish and get a bit of entertainment at the same time!  A majority of these sites offer audio files, videos, and even chat rooms to make learning Spanish fun and enjoyable! Give it a try.  Don’t stop with just the internet, you can also become more fluent in Spanish by reading.


Do you like to read?  Reading is a very effective method to enhance your Spanish speaking abilities.  By reading materials such as books, magazines, and even newspapers, you can easily learn to write, as well as speak, Spanish fluently.  Most major newspapers and magazines, as well as books, typically have a Spanish version, so finding materials shouldn’t be difficult.  In the case that you are unable to find materials, simply go online and read online Spanish-language publications of sources such as Univision or CNN.  While reading is a great method to enhance your Spanish speaking skills, watching TV can also be helpful!

Watching TV

Watching TV can also be helpful when learning to speak Spanish fluently.  By watching broadcasts and programming such as Telenovelas, Univision, and a host of other Spanish-language television stations, sitcoms, and newscasts, learning to speak Spanish fluently and correctly can be a “piece of cake”!  While watching TV is quite entertaining, Spanish-language broadcasts allow you to hear the language in various dialects, while also being spoken fluently and correctly.  So grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage, and turn on the “tube”!

While Spanish can be a difficult language for many to master, by simply getting out of your house, listening to Spanish music, surfing the web, reading, and even watching TV, you’ll be able to have a stimulating conversation with a native Spanish speaker in no time at all.  So pick a method you enjoy and get started today!  Good luck!


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